CO2 Bags

Increased levels of CO2 can reduce the effects of heat stress to your plant. Exhale bags are effectively a slow release CO2 dispenser. They release CO2 for up to 6 months and they come in regular or XL sizes.

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The regular size is ample for any grow space smaller than a 1.2×1.2m and the XL can cover up to a 1.8×1.8m area. The other good thing is that you can put as many of these bags as necessary within your grow space without breaking the bank. If a full CO2 delivery system is a bit too much of an expense, then these are a great alternative to purchase. Great for the summer as its usually a struggle for most indoor gardeners to cope with the extra heat, Exhale bags can be that added layer of protection for your garden.

No moving parts, no need for timers, just release the seal and hang it halfway up the wall of your grow area…the exhale bag does the rest. The CO2 is created by the mycelial mass within the bag and then dispensed by the one-way breather valve at the top of the bag.