Acoustic (Silenced) Ducting

Practising gardening in indoor grow rooms or tents requires adequate ventilation because the absence or insufficient circulation of air in the grow rooms is detrimental to the healthy growth of plants.

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The application of hydroponics in gardening and horticulture is a trend that is expanding rapidly.  Ventilation is a factor that cannot be compromised in hydroponics gardening. It is important to use extractor fans to ensure that there is free and adequate circulation of air. However, installation of these extractor fans comes with challenges. One of the greatest challenges of them all is noise. The noise level in terms of vibrations and hum can be quite high. This is where the installation of acoustic ducting becomes necessary.

Acoustic ducting are insulated ducts that are instrumental in the reduction of noise levels produced by ventilation extractor fans in industrial areas and grow environments, particularly when placed either side of the extractor fan. These ducts are considered to be more effective than silencers. They are made from a perforated inner ducting, which are similar to the standard ducting. The only difference is the number of perforated holes that have been punched into it. After the ducting is perforated, it is then wrapped and sealed by a layer of glass fiber and aluminum foil. This design is important because the air travelling through it will let sound penetrate through these punched holes into the fiber glass that will silence the sound by a margin of 40-60%.

The ducting is designed to fit directly over the extractor fan’s flanges and the right size of duct clip is used to fasten the ducting into place, alternatively you can use aluminium duct tape. Progrow offers you inexpensive options for you to choose from, ranging from acoustic ducting to all the associated accessories to fit all kinds of extractor ventilation fans. All of the ducting we sell is designed to stay cooler to make it easy to maintain temperatures and it comes in all the familiar sizes.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the installation of acoustic ducting will not stop the extractor fans from making noise while in oscillation, their function is to minimise noise. Please contact Progrow for guidance on the best options available for you to reduce the noise levels in your grow room.