PhonicTrap Ducting

A hydroponics grow room or tent needs to be well ventilated, but it also needs to be discreet and protected from the elements. So you are going to need ducting to connect your intake and extraction fans to your carbon filters.

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Phonic trap ducting, in addition to providing the proper air flow, is designed to effectively muffle the sound of the filter and fan system to the point that it is effectively silent. It comes in lengths of 6 meters that can be cut to size, and there are 6 different widths: 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch, making it easy to create a tight fit.

Phonic trap ducting is a superior product that was originally designed in Europe for HVAC applications. As such it has to undergo a series of rigorous tests to be up to code. Each duct is triple layer for optimum airflow and noise reduction: the outermost layer is made from black aluminum foil that is spiraled to prevent it from wrinkling or otherwise becoming misshapen. The next layer is white insulation that allows for airflow without there being any pressure on the fans. Lastly, the innermost layer is a specialised woven material that’s specifically used for acoustic insulation.

Yes, there other ducts that claim to be noise reducing ducts, but they’re usually made from inferior materials. Granted, these ducts may dampen the noise, but often they also pressurise the air, with the net effect being that you also end up damaging the fans in addition to silencing them. If your fans are damaged and your grow room doesn’t have the right airflow you’ll end up damaging the plants. Avoid a disaster by investing in the original and certified Phonic trap ducting.

Installing Phonic Trap Ducting

Phonic Trap ducts are designed to fit right onto the flange of the corresponding size filter and fan, where it is then held in place by the same size of duct clip. To get the most perfect fit, use jubilee clips or fast clamps. You will also notice that you can maximise the level of noise reduction by stretching the Phonic trap ducting tight.

As far as cutting the ducting is concerned, use a sharp pair of scissors for the first two layers (the aluminum foil and the white fiberglass insulation), and then a pair of wire cutters for the last layer of spiral wire mesh.