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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae is a high concentrated mix of beneficial microbes which increases water and nutrient uptake. Suitable for hobby growers and professionals.

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The purpose of Great White Mycorrhizae is to increase the water/nutrient uptake of the plant which results in the plant creating bigger roots. Bigger roots help plants development and have a huge effect on the size and quality of the fruit that the plant produces. It’s important to know that Great White contains 14 types of beneficial bacteria, 9 types of endomycorrhizae, 7 types of ectomycorrhizae and 2 types of trichoderma. All of these different types of microbes help to increase the size of the roots and ultimately create bigger yield. It can be used in seeds, cuttings, transplanting, soil and hydroponic system.  The guidance for hydroponic system is 1 scoops per 10 gallon of water.