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Superthrive has been a quality product for over 70 years. It’s original vitamin solution was created for transplanting, to help relieve stressed plants and support yield production.

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SUPERthrive has been providing a quality product for over 70 years. Their product nourishe plants, which makes plants healthier and creates more nutritionally edibles. The features of this product include unique vitamin solution with kelp, non-toxic ingredients and high economic value. Perfect for restoring plant vigor, promoting chemical balance and reducing transplant shock.

The inventor of SUPERthrive was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Lawn and Garden Marketing and Distribution Association, in recognition of the impact he had on the industry. The key values of health and gardening have always been a part of the product.  SUPERthrive can be used in a range of different systems, like: drip irrigation, foliar spray, greenhouse, hose end sprayer, hydroseeding, hydroponics, mix and pour, and proportioners irrigation. The dosage varies depending on the system your using to grow your plants. For transplanting the recommended amount of dosage is ¼ tsp per gallon.