Growing Media

Progrow stocks a range of growing media which are suited for different growing methods and systems. Growing mediums are an important decision as they determine how much water, air and nutrients is carried to the plant which support its root growth.

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The choice of your substrate is how your plant’s will receive water and nutrients. You will need different substrates depending on what kind of system you choose to use. DWC system, Aeroponics systems and EBB & Flood systems use clay pebble with a net pot. Drip Irrigation systems can use soil, coco, rockwool or expanded clay pebbles. NFT hydroponic systems uses rockwool. Pot growing uses soil. AirPots, AutoPots and Easyfeed system are suitable with a wide range of growing media, e.g. GHE CocoTek PX 50L, Gold Label Coco Perlite, Biobizz All-Mix 50ltr, Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 mix and many others.

By using the correct substrate, you are allowing you plant to reach its maximum root growth. Depending on what system you are growing in, different mediums will have different features that are more suitable for your plants. From better aeration, free water draining, retains moisture, lightness, bulk density, pH, organic matter and many more. All of this is taken into consideration when picking a medium to enhance the root growth as much as possible. Later as the plant growths the substrate you choose will help physically supports the plant. Therefore the medium’s bulk density should be heavy enough to support the plants.