Adjusta-Watt 600w

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The Adjusta-Watt Digital Ballast is not like any ordinary ‘dimmable’ ballast. This software controlled, variable output ballast has been specially designed to give the most selective growers the ultimate versatility and performance from a single lighting system. This super cool, super efficient, fully adjustable digital ballast will run 600w, 400w and 250w sodium, metal halide, and dual spectrum lamps and features an Over-Drive facility that increases the ballasts output for maximum performance from your lamps. These are the quietest, brightest, coolest, safest and most functional digital grow lights available. Please take time to read through this products impressive list of features.

Each unit comes with a UK power cord, 2 years warranty and full instructions. The power cord is detachable allowing it to be changed if being used outside of the UK

The Adjusta-Watt Digital Ballast can be used in three different ways:

  • You select the lamp type and wattage and the ballast will run the lamp to the exact specification that the lamp requires, just as if the ballast was dedicated to that lamp. It’s like having three separate ballasts in one unit!
  • You can reduce the output of your lamp when not so much power is needed. For example, if you are running a 600w lamp you can reduce the output to 400w or 250w.
  • You can boost the output of your lamp using the Over-Drive feature. This feature allows the output of the ballasts highest rated lamp (600w) to be increased by approximately 10% delivering maximum performance from the lamp.


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