Adjusta-Watt with Irradiator Reflector 150mm 600w Twin Lamp

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This lighting system includes an Adjusta-Watt Digital 600w Ballast, Irradiator Air Cooled Reflector 150mm, Sol-Digital Super HPS 600w Lamp and Sol-Digital Super Metal Halide 400w Lamp.

The Adjusta-Watt ballast allows the output of the lamp to be adjusted between 250w, 400w, and 600w. The 60w lamp can also be boosted using the Over-Drive feature for maximum output. This allows the grower to increase and decrease power to the lamp to match the different stages of growth.

The Irradiator Air Cooled Reflector 150mm is ideal for covering smaller grow spaces (4′ x 4’/120cm x 120cm) with excellent uniformity of light.
Being air cooled, it allows closer placement to plants for increased light levels and results. It is completely sealed; a double sealing gasket prevents any unwanted air escaping into the grow space. A powder coated galvanized steel casing stops oxidisation of the reflector body, keeping the reflector in tip-top condition for many years to come. It also includes captured thumb screws for easy lamp access and swing-stop retention cables to prevent the glass frame from detaching.

This twin lamp kit is the ultimate set up allowing the Adjusta-Watt to be used to its full advantage. With this kit you can begin by using the 400w halide with the output selected to 400w. During the transition phase, the 600w lamp can be used at a reduced power of 400w. When it’s time to flower, the halide is exchanged for the 600w sodium lamp. The 600w sodium lamp can then be boosted using the Over-Drive feature for maximum performance.

  • Supplied with Sol-Digital Super HPS 600W lamp and Sol-Digital Super Metal Halide 400w lamp.
  • 5 year warranty on Adjusta-Watt Ballast


Weight 6.1500 kg

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