AutoPot 6 Pot Kit 16mm

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The AutoPot 6 Pot Kit 16mm gives you all the items you need to feed six plants in 15ltr pots from the 100ltr Waterbutt.

Floor space required for this kit approx: 120 x 120cm


The AutoPot Pot Kit is the ultimate in low maintenance growing systems. Each system is fitted with a specially designed AQUAvalve that controls the flow of water/nutrient to your plants by simple gravity pressure from a tank or waterbutt. No pumps, no electricity, no mains water pressure and no timers are required. The AutoPot is a totally plant driven system that releases the right amount water to keep your plants happy day in day out. As there is no recirculating nutrient as with hydroponics systems, the AutoPot system requires no daily nutrient management meaning it can be left alone for long periods of time. All you need to do is remember to keep the tank topped up and the plants take care of the rest.

Kit Contents:

6x AutoPot 1Pot System
1x Waterbutt 100ltr
1x Waterbutt Stand 100ltr
1x Clickfit Tank Adapter & Filter to 16mm o.d Pipe
1x Flow Control Tap Barbed 16mm (1/2ins)
3x Green Hose 16mm o.d (1/2ins) Per 1m
3x Cross Connector 16mm o.d (13mm i.d) to 6mm o.d (4mm i.d)


Weight 13.5960 kg


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