Fungus Gnat Control Hypoaspis 10000

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Product Details

Product Overview

Fungus Gnat/Scairad Fly control for up to 10m2 or 30 plants.

Simply shake over the top of the growing medium to get control over these annoying little pests.

If you need help identifying insects and pests check out our growers FAQ’S in our forum.

**Predator insects are also used as part of a prevention strategy to safeguard against pests.

To ensure your predators reach you in the very best condition, they are despatched directly from the supplier to arrive 24hrs after the insects have been harvested.

Please note: We cannot ship this item outside of the UK, also items are not stocked in our warehouse, they are orderded directly and shipped via first class royal mail service. Do not select timed delivery!


Weight 1.1000 kg