G.A.S SonicAir Pro Humidifier

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Take Complete Control of Your Grow Room Humidity with the G.A.S SonicAir Pro Humidifier
Using the SonicAir Pro Humidifier from Global Air Supplies you’ll always have correct humidity level in your grow room, regardless of the vegging of flowering period in use. With its sleek and durable design, the SonicAir Pro excels at turning RO water into a fine mist, using its 10 ultrasonic ceramic disks to create 6.5 litres of mist per hour! This mist is then directed into the outlet funnel, which can be turned 360 degrees, allowing it to be aimed at certain low humidity areas or connected up to a 150mm piece of ducting for extra humidifying accuracy. This unit is fully compatible with various header tanks, allowing it to run long term, providing weeks of trouble-free & hands-off operation.

Creates optimal grow room humidity levels, making happier plants, faster growth rates and bigger yields!

Connects directly to a header tank, topping up automatically via an internal float valve
Produces up to 6.5 litres of mist per hour, that can be focused anywhere using the outlet funnel
Accurate humidity levels accelerate all stages of plant development, even in late flower
Can be controlled via the G.A.S Enviro Controller or as a standalone unit
Features an in-built over flow valve and drain plug
Water indicator level LED turns red when water levels are low
Automatically switches off when RO water levels run low, protecting the ceramic disks and fan
Replaceable ceramic disks available on request
Runs extremely quietly (less than 35 dB)
Easy and quick to install, with wheels for easy movement
Sleek design made from durable and hard-wearing moulded plastic
Can be used in various areas including greenhouses, propagation rooms or orchid/mushroom cultivation
Comes with a 1 year G.A.S manufacturers guarantee

1x G.A.S SonicAir Pro
1x 150mm Outlet Funnel

Dimensions: 37cm x 41cm x 47cm
Weight: 9.35kg
Power consumption: 300 Watts


Weight 10.0000 kg


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