Nutradip Grow Boss Trimeter

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The Nutradip Growboss is a combined pH, E.C and temperature meter that gives a continuous reading that is permanently displayed on an easy to read LED screen.
Simply plug in the meter, drop the probes into the nutrient reservoir and mount the display where it can easily be seen. Now, when you enter your grow room there is no need to perform individual tests as you can check all three readings with just one glance.

Three meters in one
No need to perform individual tests
Saves time as all information is permanently displayed
Easy to read Green LED display
Notice and correct fluctuations sooner
Easy to calibrate
Robust, reliable and trouble free design

Latest Model Features:
Water resistant
Detachable probes and adapters
Min/Max recording function
Large easy to read LED display

Each Growboss contains:
Growboss Nutrient Monitor
pH4 Calibration Solution 100mL
pH7 Calibration Solution 100mL
PPM1000 Calibration Solution 100mL
Wall Bracket with 2 Mounting Screws
Calibration Screwdriver
Power Adaptor
pH Probe
Nutrient/Temperature Probe
Instruction Booklet


Weight 1.3000 kg


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