PG200 Grow Tent Kit 600w x 4

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Product Details

Product Overview

This complete grow tent kit contains all the essentials you need to make a start with indoor horticulture.

Kit Contents:
1x PRO Growroom PG200 200x200x200
Ventilation and Control:
1x Iso-Max 250mm and Rhino Pro Filter 1500m3/hr (1x Iso-Max 250mm 1500m3/hr, 1x Rhino Pro Filter 250mm x 600mm 1420m3/hr, 1x Acoustic Ducting 254mm x 5m, 3x Hose Clips 320mm, 1x Standard Plug 13A).
4x PRO Ballast with Euro Reflector 600w HPS (Pro Ballast 600w, Euro Reflector and Sol-Digital Super HPS 600w), 1x 24hrs Timer, 1x Powerstar Contactor 3K 4 sockets, 4x Pair of Rope Ratchet Hangers.


Weight 101.2400 kg