PG240W Grow Tent Kit Digital 600w x 2

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Product Details

Product Overview

This complete grow tent kit contains all the essentials you need to make a start with indoor horticulture.

Kit Contents:
1x PRO Growroom PG240W 240x120x200
Ventilation and Control:
1x RVK 200A1 & 200mm Rhino Pro Filter 750m3/hr Aluminium Duct (1x RVK 2001 A1 750m3/hr, 1x Rhino Pro Filter 200mm x 400mm 800m3/hr, 1x Aluminium Ducting 203mm x 5m, 3x Hose Clips 215mm, 2x Heat Resistant Flex Wire Per Metre, 1x Standard Plug 13A).
2x SmartStart Digital Ballast with Euro Reflector 600w HPS (SmartStart Digital Ballast 600w, Euro Reflector and Sol-Digital Super HPS 600w), 1x 24hrs Timer, 1x Powerstar Contactor 2K 2 sockets, 2x Pair of Rope Ratchet Hangers.


Weight 46.1900 kg