PRO Ballast with Dominator XXXL 150mm 600w HPS

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This lighting system includes a PRO Ballast 600w, Dominator XXXL Air Cooled Reflector 150mm, and Sol-Digital Super HPS 600w Lamp.

The PRO Ballast 600w is suitable for both Sodium and Metal Halide lamps, has a 2 meter mains power cable and IEC connection to suit all types of reflectors. The ballast has a well vented, black powder coated stainless steel enclosure that can be wall mounted and as an added safety feature the whole unit is fuse protected to safe guard against short circuits.

The Dominator XXXL Air-Cooled Reflector 150mm is large in size for an increased coverage area and excellent uniformity.
Being air cooled, it allows closer placement to plants for increased light levels and results. It is completely sealed; a double sealing gasket prevents any unwanted air escaping into the grow space. A powder coated galvanized steel casing stops oxidisation of the reflector body, keeping the reflector in tip-top condition for many years to come. It also includes captured thumb screws for easy lamp access and swing-stop retention cables to prevent the glass frame from detaching.

  • 1 year warranty on PRO Ballast


Weight 26.2000 kg


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