Pro3 Ozone Generator 250mg

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Product Details

Product Overview

The PRO3 GENERATOR is a high output corona discharge ozone generator that eliminates odours from ventilation systems before they are exhausted outside.

The PRO3 GENERATOR is not fitted inside the duct; it is an external generator that injects high concentrations of ozone directly into the duct via an integral pump and delivery tube.

Ozone production and the lifespan of the corona discharge cells that produce ozone are negatively affected by moisture and airborne contaminates. Humid and dirty air inside the ducting is damaging to corona discharge cells, shortening their life span and their ability to produce ozone. This is a major problem with induct ozone generators because they are constantly exposed to these poor conditions. In fact, a unit with ozone production rated at 1800mg per hour when installed inside the ducting where humidity is typically over 60% will produce less than 1/3rd of its rated output of ozone.

Because the PRO3 GENERATOR can be positioned where air is dryer and cleaner, and the Ozone injected where it’s needed, ozone production is consistently higher making the PRO3 GENERATOR much more effective at removing odours than induct versions with the same rated output. The corona discharge cells will be more reliable and last much longer because they are not in contact with damp, dirty air.

The PRO3 GENERATOR is fully user serviceable. Exchangeable cells mean they can be maintained as new without having to be removed from the location giving you reliable odour control year after year with no down time. Induct versions are not user serviceable and will become less efficient over time before needing to be removed and replaced entirely.

The PRO3 GENERATOR is much easier to install than induct versions, they can be fitted to any diameter duct in a matter of minutes. They are compact and portable so can be removed and installed in other locations easily.

The PRO3 GENERATOR is designed and engineered in the UK by leading experts in the field of odour control. Don’t get caught out with yesterday’s technology. Choose a PRO3 GENERATOR for reliability, longevity and performance.


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