RTA System 8 Pot

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Product Overview

The RTA System allows multiple Air-Pot containers to be watered by hand or with a drip irrigation system. The water/nutrient can be re-circulated or run to waste depending on the chosen growing method.

How does it work?

Using a watering can or drip irrigation system, plants are fed through the tops of the Air-Pot containers. Excess water drains through the Air-Pot containers and into the RTA Stands where it is piped into the RTA Control Unit. As the water level rises inside the RTA Control Unit, it activates an internal pump that pumps the water either back to the main reservoir for recirculation or directly to waste.
This simple but very effective system can be made to fit any size garden and provides a convenient way to manage your irrigation programme regardless of your chosen growing medium or irrigation method.

  • Use with a wide range of growing media
  • System can run to waste or re-circulate
  • Use with drippers or hand water
  • Removes all waste water from growing trays
  • System layout is flexible
  • Air-Pot containers can be repositioned during the cycle
  • Easily extend size of system
  • Use with 10lt, 15ltr or 20ltr Air-Pot containers.
  • Air-Pot containers available separately

Kit Includes:

  • 1x RTA Control Unit
  • 8x RTA Stands
  • 8x Universal Sealing Glands
  • 4x Universal Elbows
  • 4x Universal Tees
  • 15m 16mm Flexi Supply Tube 16mm O.D


Weight 10.8200 kg


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