SANlight Q6W gen 2. 245W Led Grow Light

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The Sanlight Q6W 245W Generation 2 LED grow light was developed for maximum flexibility as it allows users to extend the lead, with the best system efficiency and usability.

This LED light consists of 6 light modules, which have the Osram 2mm2 Chip technology that provide an efficacy of 2,7µmol/J.

The light gives you options for power boost or dimmer which allow you to expand your system‘s range of performance or adapt it to new conditions.

The Lights can be daisy-chained to each other, which means that several lights can be powered by a single socket.

The Sanlight Q-series reduces your energy costs, maintenance cost, temperature inside your cultivation room, water consumption of plants and time to harvest.

The Sanlight Q-series improves the quality and quantity of your crop & your cultivation area.


  • 115 – 624 PPF in the emission wavelength range.
  • Broad spectrum, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit-forming plants.
  • Power consumption from 50 to 245 watts.
  • Power factor > 0.95.
  • Beam angle 90°.
  • Rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the cultivated area.
  • Passively cooled.
  • protection class IP40.
  • 3-year guarantee.
  • Modules can be exchanged at SANlight sales partners.
  • 90% light output after 100,000 hours.


  • typ. power consumtption – 240 w
  • power factor -﹥ 0,95
  • input voltage range – 90 – 305
  • max. input current- 1,15
  • PPF – 624
  • Weight- 6,15 kg
  • Emission wavelength- 400 – 780
  • protection rating- IP40
  • Dimensions – 67.5cm x 11.9cm x 17.4cm


Weight 8.0000 kg


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