Shogun Fertilisers – Samurai Terra Bloom 5ltr

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Product Details

Product Overview

Shogun Samurai Terra Grow is a perfectly refined mineral feed for soil grown plants. The combination of ideal nutrient balance with advance understanding of biochemistry forms the perfect nutrient for soil growing. Samurai Terra Grow also includes SmartZen ingredient which are the latest in plant technology that boost the nutrient to another level.

Key Features

  • High quality mineral soil feed.
  • Pure & clean nutrient solution.
  • Suitable to use in drip irrigation and hand watered systems.
  • Includes the SmartZen ingredient that help boost yield of up to 8% compared to a non-SmartZen nutrient solutions.

Dilution Rate: 1-4ml/L

Use during the cutting and seeding stage and throughout vegetative growth.

Available in: 1ltr, 5ltr & 10ltr


Weight 11.0000 kg


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